Metal and flip flops.  That’s how things go around here.

I’ve been a metalhead for as long as I can remember.  I love listening to it.  I love going to live shows.  I love talking about it. I love the collectability of it.  I love the artwork.  I love the tour shirts.  I love the community.  I feel absolute pity for those that don’t understand it.

So, that’s what this place is for.  A celebration of the art form that we all love.  These are all opinions and observations of a jaded dude who’s been to way too many concerts and listened to one too many albums.  Take it all with a grain of salt.  I’ll be reviewing albums and concerts (well, I will if they ever become a thing again).  Hopefully you’ll learn about some new music and maybe I’ll make you laugh every once in a while.

Oh, the flip flop rating system.  Well, everyone needs a schtick, right?  Well, I hate fucking shoes.  I’d go through life in bare feet if I could.  However, that’s not always practical.  So, the next best thing is flip flops.  Luckily, I live in the southern U.S. and it’s pretty well conducive for me wearing these damn things year-round.  And, yes, I wear them every time I go to a concert.  No matter the frenzied level of the pit, my dumb ass will be in there with toes fully exposed.  My toes have ended up bloody too many times to count at this point, but that’s the price you pay for being comfortable.  I’m really trying to start a trend here.  Fuck your Doc Martens and your beat up Chucks.  Real hard core metal heads wear fucking flip flops.  So far, this crusade has not caught on and I remain an army of one.  So, next time you’re at a show and see a burned out looking hippy with graying hair in flip flops standing at the edge of the pit, that’s probably me.  Come by and say hi.  Anyway, that’s why the album rating system is based on flip flops.  One flip flop=worthless trash.  Two flip flops=meh.  Three flip flops=good/solid effort.  Four flip flops=Great/definitely worth your time.  Five flip flops=fucking masterpiece.

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