Mutoid Man at Barracuda, Austin, TX, 6/13/2017

Is Infectious Goofball Metal an official sub-genre yet?  Because I think we may have found the band that is laying claim to the title of flag bearer for this type of metal.  These dudes like to party and have a good time and it’s damn near impossible to attend one of their shows and not get swept up in the goofiness.  And the extra-cool thing about this is that the band never really swerves into the land of cheese while doing so.  These guys have some serious musical chops as evidenced by their recently released, War Moans (album review coming shortly.  Spoiler: it shreds!).

This show seriously went by in a blur.  Most of their songs are at breakneck speed and adhere to the under two minute punk rock rule.  Bash ’em.  Smash ’em.  And send ’em home disheveled and sweaty.  Front man and guitarist Stephen Brodsky (ex-Cave In) possesses monster riff after monster riff to accompany his vaudevillian assortment of facial expressions.  I’ve also been trying and trying to place who his vocals remind me of and it finally came to me on the drive home last night:  he is a dead ringer for Sean Harris, the original vocalist for NWOBHM stalwart Diamond Head.  Or not.  I don’t know.  That’s just who I hear on occasion when he sings.  Drummer Ben Koller (Converge) is simply a joy to watch and is the very definition of a drummer laying a heavy duty foundation on which everything else is built.

Metal as a whole can be a fairly stoic enterprise.  Many times the focus on technicality or trying too hard to remain grim or cult or true metal can take away from the fact that this is still just rock ‘n roll.  It’s supposed to be fun.  The Mutoids are a refreshing reminder that playfully flipping off your bandmates and contorting one’s face into all kinds of dorky expressions results in good times….and can still be metal as fuck.

On a side note:  Going back to the Goatwhore review from earlier this week.  San Antonio:  Austin is kicking your ass as far as audiences go.  This show was like a bomb went off compared to the sleepwalking crowd from Friday night in S.A.  And this was a Tuesday night.  Bigger crowd.  Louder and more involved crowd.  Come on, San Antonio!  I expect more out of you.

Some samples:

Melt Your Mind

1000 Mile Stare


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