Doom Side of the Moon at Emo’s, Austin, TX, 8/5/2017

Well, this ended up being something kind of special.  What we have here is a side project masterminded by guitarist Kyle Shutt of local metal heroes, The Sword.  It seems as though this thing started as a bit of a lark by Shutt and some friends talking about coming up with a doom metal version of the Pink Floyd album, Dark Side of the Moon.  Instead of remaining on the cutting room floor of random ideas, Shutt decided to work on a metal interpretation of the album and enlisted the rhythm section of The Sword and Brownout’s vocalist to help his vision come to fruition.

Normally, I have to say that I’m not a real big fan of covers.  Most of the time they are just lazy carbon copies of the original versions and they usually just end up sounding flat.  However, in this case, consider me seriously fucking impressed.  Not only did they bring something original to their versions of these classic songs, but they really went above and beyond to create a live spectacle in the presentation of it.  This was a cover band on steroids.  Everything on the stage was white.  White guitars, white drums, white drapery over the keyboards, white bongos and every member of the group dressed entirely in white.  It was a really cool look and gave the stage an almost heavenly appearance.  Combined with the music, they went the extra mile to have an extra trippy Floyd-esque light show to accompany the show (which was enhanced even further if you forked up the $5 for the amazing Life Altering Glasses).  All in all, this ended up being a really special show, especially with the added bonus of a few other choice non-Dark Side of the Moon Floyd cuts.  I’m not sure if this ends up just being the one-off show.  If it does, you should feel great shame for missing it.  If they end up setting more dates in the future, don’t miss this.  If you are a Floyd fan, you’ll really dig it.  They really nail it.

Some samples to give you a taste.



Have a Cigar (with added intro, “I only want to live in this world” from the punk rock fiancée after viewing the show aforementioned Life Altering Glasses)


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