Decapitated at Come and Take It Live, Austin, TX, 8/26/2017

So, I braved the wind and rain of Hurricane Harvey and a nasty bout of strep throat to bring this little review to you.   Granted, Austin didn’t take near the beating the coast and Houston took, but it was still downright ugly out on Saturday night.

Also on the bill this evening were Thy Art Is Murder, Fallujah and Ghost Bath.  Sadly, I only managed to catch the midway point of Thy Art Is Murder’s set due to feeling very poorly in the lead up to the show.  I’ve never been a big fan of these guys, but from what I witnessed, they put on a fairly competent set (full of breakdowns) and their boisterous fans seemed to dig what they were throwing down (said monstrous amounts of breakdowns).

Alas, I was really at this show to see the headliner.  I love, love, love these guys.  The Polish Lamb of God.  Death metal mixed with a nice little groove.  Guitarist Vogg is just one of the top-notch guitarists going in this genre.  You can just tell that he spent a good chunk of his childhood listening to the first couple of Pantera albums.  Live, drummer Michal Lysejko is just a machine and really seems to be growing as a driving force in this band.

Here are some samples:

Kill This Cult

Homo Sum


Instinct (outro)

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