Inter Arma at Mohawk, Austin, August 30, 2017

Hard to categorize, these lads are.  Little bit of doom, little bit of stoner, little bit of southern psychedelia, little bit of black metal.  Put them all in a fuzzy, flanneled package and you’ve got Richmond, Virginia’s Inter Arma.

I’ve been waiting to see these guys do their thing live for some time now.  I sadly missed their first stop in Austin last year during the tour cycle for their latest album, Paradise Gallows.  So, I was downright giddy when they set another date in town for the summer.  OK…maybe giddy is not the right word.  But, I was really looking forward to it.

These guys are never going to have any sort of cross-over appeal to a mainstream crowd.  Their songs just scream agony, but agony presented in a very hypnotic manner.  Seeing them at the inside stage at Mohawk with around 50-60 people in attendance seemed like the perfect setting.  It was dark.  It was up close.  It was perfect.

You just have to admire people who are as uncompromising in their art to not really concern themselves with reaching huge numbers of people.  I mean, sure, I’m certain they would love a larger crowd.  But, seeing this band perform live leads me to believe that this music is just something that has to come out of these guys.  I think this music is more for them than it is for us.  If anyone out there catches the vibe and wants to follow along, all the better.

A sample of the anguish:


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