Chelsea Wolfe at The Paramount Theatre, Austin, TX-10/6/2017

I love going to metal shows in unconventional venues.  Whenever I get to see metal performed in a place like Bass Concert Hall at UT, The Moody Theater at ACL Live or at a venerable old theater such as The Paramount, it just feels like metal is being somewhat validated.  After normally fighting through the slogs of stinky metal bros in the pit at The Mohawk and Barracuda, it was nice to have an evening of sophistication at a fancy venue.  I’m going to catch shit for categorizing Chelsea as metal, but I don’t care.  This show was fucking heavy as shit.  It’s my damn blog.  This was a metal show.

In keeping with the fancy and refined venue, the goths came out it all of their finery for the evenings festivities.  Fishnet stockings, heavy black eyeliner and lipstick, corsets and all manner of colored hair, this was a chance for the goth community to live it up as the straight-laced proper folk do.

Chelsea gave the crowd the exact fix they were looking for.  She brought out a minimal stage production with perfectly eerie mood lighting and a backdrop which appeared to be the black disk of an eclipse.  She focused a good portion of the set to her very strong latest release, Hiss Spun.  This was a no muss, no fuss kind of show in that she didn’t bother with any type of between song banter.  It was just down to business song after song after song.  This was a solid way to spend a Friday evening.


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