Cattle Decapitation and Revocation at Come and Take It Live, Austin, TX 11/15/2017

I have a tendency to develop crushes on smaller, up-and-coming bands that I feel should have a bigger audience than they actually do.  It’s the sentimentalism that I feel for the underdogs of the world.  Revocation is one of these bands in which I hold a very soft spot.

These guys just remind me of the Megadeth of the new wave of thrash/death metal bands going today.  David Davidson is just one of the true auteurs of heavy metal guitar.  Take a metal kid who is influenced heavily by Dimebag Darrell and send him to music school to be trained in jazz technique and the resulting monstrosity is David Davidson.  His playing is just so effortless and clean compared to so many of his contemporaries.  To me, he is continuing the tradition of Mustaine and Friedman.  Their opening set tonight was a jam-packed 45 minute set that featured songs from throughout their career.

And then Cattle Decapitation came out.  Damn.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had to tap out of a pit.  I was only able to manage one video clip of the opening song and then felt it wise to put the phone away.  Once I saw a dude actually sporting a mouth guard, I knew this was not a crowd to be fucked with.  I’ll be honest and say that me and my ever-faithful flip flops headed for higher ground after around five songs.  The number of times people hit the floor hard was really high.

In all seriousness, here’s an idea for metal club owners:  you know when you watch college basketball or the NBA on TV and there is a collision and big sweaty dudes hit the floor.  Well, they employ these kids with squeegee mops to come out on the floor and mop up the wet spots.  You should really employ some mop kids to come out in between sets and mop up the pit floor.  Not to sound like the middle-aged man that I am, but someone is really going to get hurt.  Think of it as a little protection against liability.

Cattle Decapitation’s set was just brutal.  I mean, seriously, this shit is truly almost unlistenable.  It’s kind of like turning on a band saw and a chain saw at the same time and just smashing them into each other repeatedly.  It’s cool for blowing off a momentary blast of aggression, but it’s definitely not the soundtrack for a summer picnic at the lake.


Revocation-Copernican Heresy

Cattle Decapitation-The Carbon Stampede

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