Malcolm Young, 1/6/1953-11/18/2017, R.I.P.

He was the blue-collar workman of rock n roll.  No flash.  No bullshit.  Just the master of power chord after power chord that you would never be able to get out of your head.  Angus was the focal point with searing leads, school boy outfit, unending goose step and never-waning well of energy.  Bon was the rakish scamp of a front man.  Brian was the holder of the bombastic steel wool screech.  Malcolm was the backbone.  He was the foundation for everything that AC/DC was.  I’ll always remember him perched at the back of the stage in front of his wall of Marshalls just holding everything down and pushing the music forward.  AC/DC is one of those bands who first pulled me into the life of Metal.  Malcolm’s songwriting was so simple, but just so effective.  There is just something powerful in the simplicity of a Malcolm riff.  There won’t be another one like him.  R.I.P, Malcolm.  Thanks for the music.

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