Symphonic flourishes!  Neo-classical guitar solos!  Operatic, ear-splitting vocals!

Yep, we got ourselves a power metal band here.  There is a very, very fine line that power metal bands walk.  This would be the mystical Line of Cheese.  Most of the rabble of these bands just bulldoze right the hell over that line without a care in the world.  They push the boundaries of pomposity so far that they just explode in a tidal wave of queso that just destroys any remaining self-respect anyone in the vicinity could possibly hope to hang onto.  Yes, I’m looking directly at you, Hammerfall.

Angra flirts with this line.  They come screeching like banshee right up to the precipice and just managed to stomp on the brakes before careening into the Canyon of Corniness.  Seriously, this thing is perfectly balanced.  You’ve got serious guitar chops, mucho powerful vocals that soar for days and they all serve some great melody lines.  This is a solid album for those pining for the classic old days of metal. Highlight is a nice duet with Arch Enemy’s Alyssa White-Gluz providing her signature death growl for the featured character in Black Widow’s Web.

3.5 flip flops out of 5

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