Brownout Presents: Brown Sabbath at The Mohawk, Austin, TX, 11/1/2018

This was a cool way to spend an evening.  Brownout is a local Latin-inspired funk and jazz band.  They are composed of a pretty good chunk of Grupo Fantasma and they have a penchant for creating Latin-flavored covers of other bands.  Their most current album is Fear of a Brown Planet which re-imagines songs from Public Enemy’s Fear of a Black Planet.  Last night’s show featured Brownout’s legendary renditions of some of Black Sabbath’s songs.

I had heard a lot of raving reviews about these shows and I was not disappointed in the slightest.  You’ve got an 8-man band (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, percussionist, trumpet, trombone and saxophone) crammed onto a tiny stage and they just killed it.  It was amazing to me how seamless the addition of a horn section and Latin percussion to Black Sabbath anthems was.  The horns just added punch and some cool flavorings to what are simply classic metal songs.  And the costume changes.  Lead singer Alex Marrero came out in his Halloween’s finest sporting a blood spattered apron, rubber gloves, goggles and an axe.  He managed to change into a matador’s outfit, a poncho and cat mask combo and finally, a pig’s head and suit for War Pigs (obviously).  This was a lot of fun.  Definitely go check these guys out if they play in your neck of the woods.


Into the Void

War Pigs

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