2018 Best of Metal: #13 Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats-Wasteland

Release Date:  October 12, 2018

Personnel:  Kevin R. Starrs-vocals/guitar/organ, Vaughn Stokes-guitar, Justin Smith-bass, John Rice-drums

Origin:  Cambridge, England

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats saw some personnel changes recently, but main man Kevin R. Starrs is still at the helm and is steering the 2018 incarnation of the band with the same steady hand he has always used.  Wasteland just continues Uncle Acid’s consistent level of quality albums put out since their inception.  They are one of the keystones in the retro/psychedelic metal movement.  Wasteland is just a joy.

The list so far:

13.  Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats-Wasteland
14.  Panopticon-The Scars of Man Upon the Once Nameless Wilderness
15.  Arkona-Khram
16.  Agrimonia-Awaken
17.  Between the Buried and Me-Automata I & II
18.  Clutch-Book of Bad Decisions
19.  Harakiri For The Sky-Arson
20.  Behemoth-I Loved You At Your Darkest

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