Um.  First off, this album cover.  No thank you.  Not appreciated by those of us creeped-out by spiders and shit.

Aenimus is a new band on the technical death metal scene.  I have a love/hate relationship with this sub-genre.  On the love side of things, I really dig dudes that can absolutely play the shit out of their instruments.  It’s impressive to hear someone absolutely own their guitar/bass/drums like it is an appendage.  It is honestly hard to believe that some of the things pulled off by musicians in this sub-genre are physically possible to perform.  On the hate side of things, there is a tendency to run into the problem of redundancy and formulaic song structures.  There are so many bands churning out this kind of metal that sound exactly the same.  The songs and the bands just all start to run together after a while and, as a result, nothing really ends up standing out except for the technical proficiency of the players.  And, if that’s all you got, your songs are going to suffer.

Aenimus has put together an album that kind of ends up in that grey area of being really impressive technically, but not really reaching any sort of lasting or emotional impact with their songs.  I can’t really pinpoint anything specifically bad about this album, but it just never really takes off or makes itself stand apart from the great rabble of technical death metal bands out there today.  Uniqueness.  I think that’s what is missing here.  The proficiency in the performance is there in spades.  I think I wish that there was a little more focus on creating a unique Aenimus identity that makes them stand apart.  Now, that being said, if would find yourself digging on something that sounds like it is the lovechild of Meshuggah and Scar Symmetry, then this album might be right up your alley.

3 flip flops out of 5


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