Yob, Voivod and Amenra at Barracuda, Austin, TX, 4/13/2019

Well, this was another of those well put together triple bills of different kinds of metal that just meshed really well in execution.  The only downside to this show was due to the fact that it was on the outside stage during an unseasonably windy and cold evening in Austin.  I was a veritable ice cube by the end of the show.  So, I hope you appreciate the effort I put in to bring you this report.

Ever since Yob came out with last year’s Our Raw Heart (#2 slot in the 2018 Best of Metal List), I’ve been itching to see them come through town to perform the new songs live.  In addition, due to head honcho Mike Scheidt’s health scare from a few years back, you don’t want to take any Yob show for granted.  Thankfully, it seems as though Scheidt is back to full health and he was downright frenetic and ferocious in his performance Saturday night in Austin.  This was a spirited set performed by one of doom’s preeminent bands and surprisingly, featured a setlist that only contained one track off of the new album.  I’ll be perfectly honest that I was a tad disappointed that the new album wasn’t more prominently featured in the songs presented, but the setlist did contain a wide range of songs from throughout Yob’s career.  It really felt as if Scheidt crafted the setlist with the most diehard Yob fan in mind.

Second on the bill for the evening was Canadian sci-fi prog thrash band Voivod.  Hard to believe, but Voivod has been toiling away in the metal trenches now for 35+ years and this is the very first time I’ve witnessed their live show.  Voivod brings a stage show that is equal parts frenetic thrash, goofy Canadian stage antics and rollicking crowd participation.  Frontman Snake Belanger is one of those singers who has so mastered the art of facial expressions that it becomes one of the infectious portions of their show.

Opening the show was post-metal band Amenra from Belgium.  This was my first experience with this band, but they come across very much in the Neurosis vein of sludgey post-metal.  Their sound alternates between almost spiritual-like atmospheric segments that blend into bombastic pounding sections.  Vocalist Colin van Eeckhout provides a plaintive type screeching vocal style that invokes someone in a great deal of emotional pain.  Their opening set honestly left me feeling a tad drained.  Not in a bad way, but the performance was just very brutal and raw.

Sadly, no video snippets are available from this show.  The lighting on the stage was minimal for all three bands and I just wasn’t able to capture any decent footage to share.

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