Evergrey at Come and Take It Live, Austin, TX 9/3/2019

Swedish progressive power metallers Evergrey rolled into town last night.  Evergrey is one of those bands that I was a really big fan of in the early 2000s.  They had a run of albums during that time span that were downright glorious (In Search of Truth, Recreation Day and The Inner Circle).  Unfortunately, they didn’t really do serious touring in the States during that time.  Which is a shame because I never really got to hear those albums showcased in a major way in a live setting.

So, flash forward to today, and Evergrey has managed to carve out a nice little fanbase in America and they are touring over here on regular basis.  The past couple of times that I’ve seen them play, including last night, the set list focused primarily on their most recent three albums.  Which are all fine and have some good songs on them, but I can’t say that they contain the band’s strongest material.  From a selfish viewpoint, I really wish they would pepper the setlist with more songs from their older and more classic albums.  Look, I get it.  You’re busting your ass on the road to help showcase the new album and try to sell some records.  But, if you view the response from the crowd last night, the response was much louder and excited for the older songs than they were for the new stuff.  The atmosphere from the crowd was honestly fairly lackluster overall.  It was a good show and was professionally performed.  But it just lacked that special something that takes a show to a different level.

Evergry-The Grand Collapse

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