In Mourning-Garden of Storms

Damn, that album cover just snaps.  The colors, the design.  Man, that is just a thing of beauty.

So, the In Mourning dudes are back with a new album after a three year wait.  Their latest slab of wax really feels like something for people who are longing for that early Opeth death metal sound.  This album reminds me in many respects of the sound and structure from Opeth’s Ghost Reveries era.  Good combination of death and clean vocals.  Good mixture of complex aggressive melodic death metal compositions with quieter acoustic passages.  Album opener Black Storm may be one of the stronger songs to come out in 2019.  Such an ambitious riff and song structure.  This is another of those bands that I feel should be much bigger than they actually are.  This is just a really good representation of what Scandinavian melodic death metal should sound like.

3.5 flip flops out of 5

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