2019 Best of Metal: #19 Herod-Sombre Dessein

Release date:  2/15/2019

Origin:  Vevey, Switzerland

Personnel:  Mike Pilat-vox/guitar, Pierre Carroz-guitar/bass, Bertrand Pot-guitar, Fabien Vodoz-drums

Switzerland.  It conjures images of chocolate, clocks, idyllic mountain hamlets and money laundering.  What it does not conjure is the caustic sonic wasteland which Herod has wrecked on their latest album Sombre Dessein.  This is an ugly album.  And I say that as praise.  This is not an album for someone looking for something to put a little pep in their life.  This is disjointed.  This is loud.  This is abrasive.  This is post-metal done really well.  Vocalist Mike Pilat provided vocals for The Ocean at one point and the album was put out by Robin Staps’ Pelagic Records.  So, the sound is kind of in line with The Ocean, but just a little more dark and abrasive.  The album also features a guest spot by Carcass’ Bill Steer.

4 flip flops out of 5

The list so far:

19.  Herod-Sombre Dessein
20.  Vintersea-Illuminated

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