2019 Best of Metal: #2 Spirit Adrift-Divided By Darkness

Release date:  5/10/2019

Origin:  Phoenix, AZ

Personnel:  Nate Garret-vox/guitar/bass and Marcus Bryant-drums

“We’re Spirit Adrift.  And we play heavy metal.”

This is how Nate Garrett introduced Spirit Adrift when I saw this play earlier this year.  It was just so cool and unapologetic.  I just fucking loved him for it.  Spirit Adrift play a sort of throwback kind of metal that harkens back to Randy Rhodes-era Ozzy albums, early Dio solo stuff and maybe a little bit of old Trouble.  This is just a straight up metal-up-your-ass kind of album.  And it fucking rules.  It easily could have ended up in the top spot.

5 flip flops out of 5

2.  Spirit Adrift-Divided By Darkness
3.  Tool-Fear Inoculum
4.  Alcest-Spiritual Instinct
5.  Monolord-No Comfort
6.  The Moth Gatherer-Esoteric Oppression
7.  The Claypool Lennon Delirium-South of Reality
8.  Warforged-I: Voice
9.  Russian Circles-Blood Year
10.  Ray Alder-What the Water Wants
11.  Imperium Dekadenz-When We Are Forgotten
12.  Memoriam-Requiem For Mankind
13.  Horseburner-The Thief
14.  Cult of Luna-A Dawn To Fear
15.  Bask-III
16.  Cave In-Final Transmission
17.  The Neal Morse Band-The Great Adventure
18.  Borknagar-True North
19.  Herod-Sombre Dessein
20.  Vintersea-Illuminated

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