All Them Witches-Nothing As the Ideal

It feels like a major trend in metal these days is to look backwards and pay homage to the masters of the genre. By and large, a lot of the bands going this route tend to fall into the copycat realm of things rather than using their influences to bring something new to the table. Not so with All Them Witches.

All Them Witches feels like a modern spin on classic rock/southern rock/blues rock tropes. The thing that I really like about these guys is that their sound, albeit feeling familiar, is quite unique. Even though you can hear influences, their music sounds like All Them Witches. Compare that to other bands where you can tell “This is a Sabbath clone.” or “Obviously, they’ve listened to a shitload of Skynyrd.” You can tell where All Them Witches are coming from, but everything they have put out has their distinctive spin on it.

This latest album is something that I would love to hear on the radio. It makes me so mad that staid classic rock stations don’t roll out bands like All Them Witches or Clutch or Baroness into their rotation. The songs on this latest album are pure classic rock gold and would fit right in place in between cuts of Zeppelin or Thin Lizzy on your local FM rock station. These songs just feel like they are clamoring for a large audience. Great guitar work, hooks for days and great vocals/lyrics. And they’re a power trio. Everybody loves a power trio. Go buy this album.

4 flip flops out of 5

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