If I’m not mistaken, I think Kataklym’s two-faced mascot has been running around since 2006 holding his heart in his hand after ripping it from his chest. Maybe just put the thing down at this point, buddy? I mean, we get it. You’re full of rage and shit, but doesn’t it make it hard to get anything done during your day having to hold on to that goopy, drippy mess all day long. You obviously don’t need it to survive. Much like the binky you loved so much as a child monster, maybe it’s time to just put your heart down for a while.

Sorry. I digress. Kataklysm has a new album out! These guys are kind of like an AC/DC version of death metal. They’ve always been pretty consistent with their sound and their straight ahead he-man approach to death metal. These guys are very, very manly. Their music is the kind of metal that you put on during a workout at the gym. In many respects, Kataklysm is kind of the musical equivalent of an Affliction t-shirt or one of those Ford Raptor pick-up trucks. It’s almost comically oversaturated in masculinity. The latest album sees the band throw in a couple of minor changes to things in that it feels like guitarist Jean-Francois Dagenais has lightened his sound a bit and they actually throw in some keyboards/programming loops in a couple of places. Dagenais crunchy riffs have always been a major draw of this band. It feels as though the bite and intensity of his riffs are scaled back a bit on this album and it feels like this is probably this album’s biggest drawback. Other than that, this album doesn’t really contain any real surprises. It’s basically just a generic Kataklysm album. One that doesn’t really measure up to their more high quality material.

If you’re interested in exploring this band, I’d start back in 2006 with In the Arms of Devastation, where our lovely aforementioned mascot made his first appearance, rather than investing much time in this latest release.

3 flip flops out of 5

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