Pallbearer-Forgotten Days

The first thing you’re going to notice on this one is that there are a whopping eight songs on here. I know. Weird, right? For a normal band, that may seem like a normal number of songs for an album or even a little on the low side. But, we’re dealing with Pallbearer here. This band has never met a double digit length song that they didn’t fully embraced with open arms. But don’t let that scare you off if you’re a Pallbearer purist. The sludge of Arkansas doom is still fully intact, albeit in a more manageable or accessible manner, if you will.

I’ll say this about Pallbearer: it’s hard to describe just how lush and massive the sound the guys create on this album. They have an uncanny ability to create a fuzzed out harshness that still conveys aspects of gentleness, delicateness and heart-wrenching emotion. There’s a subtlety to their sound that I believe is the key to why Pallbearer is such a special band. There is just this weird dichotomy between the grandness of the riffs, the deliberate sludgey pacing and the absolute angelic croon of vocalist Brett Campbell. Putting their distinct spin on the doom metal genre has resulted in some of the more goosebump inducing moments of 2020. Even with some touches that lighten the funeral mood a tad, Forgotten Days feels right up there with Pallbearer’s best material. This feels like a special album. I feel this is one we will look back upon in a few years and realize what a masterpiece this one truly was.

5 flip flops out of 5

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