2020 Best of Metal: #16 Oranssi Pazuzu-Mestarin Kynsi

Release Date: February 7, 2020

Origin: Tampere, Finland

Personnel: Jun-His-vox/guitar, Ikon-guitar, Ontto-bass, Evil-percussion/keyboards, Korjak-drums

This one is nightmare fuel. I think my original review said that this one should be the soundtrack to 2020 because it is just so dark and messed up. The fact that this opaque slab of noise makes the Best-of list really speaks more to the ambition pulled off by these Finns rather than the actual listenability of this album. I’m serious. I’m not entirely sure how often I’m actually going to pull this thing out to listen to on a regular basis. But, man, what a fucking artistic statement. I really don’t know how one goes about creating something this abstract and creepy and still manage to somehow make it a little bit accessible. I just think this is a brilliant piece of art, even though it’s one that is hard to digest. In some respects, this feels like something Trent Reznor would create if he tried his hand at black metal.

4 flip flops out of 5

The list so far:

16. Oranssi Pazuzu-Mestarin Kynsi
17. Forming the Void-Reverie
18. Lamb of God-Lamb of God
19. Demons and Wizards-III
20. Killer Be Killed-Reluctant Hero

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