Miss Lava-Doom Machine

We’re heading to a non-traditional metal spot for today’s review. Miss Lava hails from Portugal. After listening to this album, I never would have pegged these guys as being from anywhere other than the high desert area of California. I mean, this album just screams Barstow, CA and a trunk full of psychedelics.

This is a bouncy slab of desert flavored stoner rock right in line with the lies of Fu Manchu or Kyuss. The guitar sound on here is just so bright and inviting that it’s hard not to find yourself not doing a boogie shuffle along with it. To make a more obscure jumping off point, this kind of reminds me a bit of King Buffalo if King Buffalo was a little less spacey and a little more pop oriented. This is a feel good record during a time that feels in need of a good time. Grab this one and crank it loud. It feels like that’s why this one was created.

3.5 flip flops out of 5

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