Nervosa-Perpetual Chaos

So, if you’ve been feeling a bit of a void in your life since the retirement of Slayer, have no fear. There’s a multinational band based mainly in Brazil that is armed and ready to fill that Slayer sized hole in your heart. The guitar work of Prika Amaral simply crushes from the first notes and her devastatingly crushing axe work doesn’t let up until the last bit of metal is wrung out of her strings. Vocalist Diva Satanica (I really hope that’s her given name) feels like she is channeling the love child of Tom Araya and Arch Enemy’s ex-vocalist Angela Gossow. Seriously, listen to the opening banshee wail that starts off Genocidal Command and tell me she’s not a dead ringer for a young Araya. Now, I’m not saying that Perpetual Chaos is Reign in Blood Part II, but this album has all the crunchy thrash riffs and blood-soaked lyrics even the most jaded Slayer fan could possibly want. These are not ladies to be fucked with and I hope to hear more of this kind of stuff out of them in the future.

4 flip flops out of 5

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