Tribulation-Where the Gloom Becomes Sound

This review has a little good and a little bad. First, the good: this is a bit of a return to form for Tribulation. And, the bad: It looks like main creative force Jonathan Hulten decided to leave the band shortly after the completion of this album. Which kind of puts a bit of a damper on the quality of the album since it’s unclear how the loss will affect the band going forward. It does appear that the band has already named a replacement guitarist and will be going forward without Hulten.

I was a tad disappointed with Tribulation’s previous release, Down Below. The songs just didn’t really stand out in any discernable manner. This latest album feels more in line with Children of the Night in that in captures the band’s signature goth/glam mash-up of black/death/traditional metal tropes. It’s like they rediscovered the hooks and melodies that made Children of the Night such an enjoyable and unique listen. Here’s to hoping that the loss of Hulten doesn’t handicap the band in their future endeavors.

4 flip flops out of 5

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