Cult of Luna-The Raging River

This felt like a pretty quick turnaround for a new Cult of Luna release since it was toward the tail of of 2019 when their last full length, A Dawn To Fear, was released. This one is technically an EP, but with a total of five songs you get damn near 35 minutes of new Cult of Luna music. Hell, that’s damn near seven minutes longer that Reign in Blood.

Not much of a revelation here. This is vintage Cult of Luna. It feels like you either dig these guys or you don’t. Count me solidly in the “Dig It!” camp. You’ve got four really long songs of the classic Cult of Luna dirge-tinged soundscapes of the apocalypse with an interesting Mark Lanegan fronted interlude smack dab in the middle to separate the four longer songs. Cool little release that should quench fans thirst until their next full length release.

4 flip flops out of 5

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