Red Fang-Arrows

Hey! Red Fang is back! It always good to hear these sludgy moonbeans come out with some new music (and their untouchable accompanying videos). I love bands whose beer bellies match my own. It feels like a really long time since Only Ghosts came out in 2016. Hell, everything before 2020 feels like it was damn near 20 years ago.

Our boys aren’t straying too far from their much tread ground on this one. I’ll be completely honest, however: the production value on this one really did no favors for the songs on here. This is a very muddy mix. Which, OK, this IS a sludge band. I understand that. Things are going to be muddled and fuzzed. But, the bass is so far forward in the mix that the guitars feel almost invisible. The whole sound of the album really colored my initial couple of listens. However, stick with it. By spin #3, the whole thing started to gel a little better in my brain and I found myself really enjoying the songs for what they are. Shit, I was dead set on giving this one a mediocre 3 on the flip flop scale, but I think that last listen really bumped it up to a passable 3.5. The way this one is going, I’ll probably have to revise it to masterpiece level by spin 8 or 9.

It brings me great joy to type this: Look for these dudes on the road later this year! Yep, they’ve set dates. Live music is slowly coming back. Be an adult and get your fucking shots. Let’s see some fucking music and smash into each other. My flippy-floppies are ready!

3.5 flip flops out of 5

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