Crypta-Echoes of the Soul

Band break-ups suck. But, like a lot of things in life, things don’t always work out. However, on occasion, both camps in a split end up winning in a way. The Brazilian death metal band Nervosa split up a few years back. Guitarist, Prika Amaral, retained the Nervosa name and recruited a slew of badass musicians to reconstitute the band. Lead vocalist/bassist, Fernanda Lira, and drummer, Luana Dametto, remained together and recruited a couple of badass guitarist to form the new entity, Crypta. From what I can tell, the split was amicable and only due to musical differences. So, all in all, a win for all concerned, I guess. Both bands have put out their first albums this year since the split and both albums are no-nonsense death metal with that distinctive Brazilian sheen. After hearing both solid albums, it feels like the fans are in good shape in that we are left to two very capable bands.

After the first listen to the Crypta debut, it definitely comes across as a declaration of a band that is not fucking around. The two guitarists are given plenty of room to announce their presence in a loud and commanding manner. They flat out fucking shred. Major props to Dametto’s performance on the drums throughout this one as well. This feels as close to a downright Chris Adler-level performance of intricate drumming as I’ve heard in a while.

It’s a great start for a fledgling band looking to define itself.

3.5 flip flops out of 5

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