Sprit Adrift-Forge Your Future

Brought to you by the letter “F”, Spirit Adrift has dropped this little EP as a “everyone-is-stuck-at-home-and-can’t-tour” in-between meal snack. Nate and his homies must have been Morbid Angel fans to keep rolling with this alphabet album title thing they’ve got going.

So, you’ve got three songs to tide you over until the next proper Spirit Adrift release. I’ve got to say that at least two of the songs on here, the title cut and album closer, Invisible Enemy, are better than anything on their last release, Enlightened in Eternity. They both have that classic unapologetic 80s metal-up-your-ass riffage. The middle song of the bunch, Wake Up, just doesn’t quite measure up to the other two songs on here. Kind of feels like something one of the also-ran NWOBHM bands like Tokyo Blade or Tygers of Pan Tang would have put out.

Not a bad little release overall. However, much like most EPs, it just leaves me wanting a bit more.

3.5 flip flops out of 5

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