Pure white cover outside. Bleak ruins of mankind inside.

Yeah, right up my alley.

This is another of those albums which took a long time for me to actually get my hands on a physical copy. This one came out in August of this year and I’m just now in a spot to review it. Not sure if this is a problem in the supply chain due to the pandemic or what. At any rate, it’s here and I managed to score a signed copy of the album as a neat little bonus.

On to the musics. Arkivet is the follow up to 2019’s Nattarvet. Musically, the band is humming right along with a melodic black metal sound with some influences of a pagan/folk nature in places. My only complaint regarding the album might be the production value and the sheer lack of any bottom end to the sound. The production just gives the album a slight tinny sound. The general gist of this album is about mankind’s impact on the world and the damaging influences we have raged on our planet. From self-inflicted environmental and pandemic related catastrophes, Wormwood do not shy away from castigating mankind as a whole and ultimately lands on the premise that we are pretty much getting what we deserve. As said earlier, for me, this album is preaching to the choir. Album closer, The Gentle Touch of Humanity, is a perfect indictment of us all.

Not exactly a heart-warmer, this one. But, in times like this, maybe it’s important to have art that is courageous enough to look at the bleak underbelly of our existence. Hell, it might just help wake some people up.

4 flip flops out of 5

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