2021 Best of Metal: #4 Gojira-Fortitude

Origin: Bayonne, France

Release date: 4/30/2021

Personnel: Joe Duplantier-vox/guitar, Christian Andreu-guitar, Jean-Michel Labadie-bass, Mario Duplantier-drums

Gojira came back strong with their latest release. Not as heavy as their earlier work, but definitely more dynamic in scope in comparison to their last album, Magma. This album has all of the classic hallmarks of a Gojira album with their staunch environmentalism, distinctive guitar runs and the stellar drumming foundation laid down by Mario Duplantier. Dude is just in a class by himself. By this point, Gojira has created such a distinctive sound as to be one of those bands that are kind of unclassifiable. Their genre is kind of just Gojira. This is one of those albums that was made to be played extremely loud.

4.5 flip flops out of 5

The list so far:

4. Gojira-Fortitude
5. Tribulation-Where the Gloom Becomes Sound
6. Dream Theater-A View From the Top of the World
7. Exodus-Persona Non Grata
8. Khemmis-Deceiver
9. Carcass-Torn Arteries
10. Omnium Gatherum-Origin
11. Be’Lakor-Coherence
12. Hooded Menace-The Tritonus Bell
13. Quicksand-Distant Populations
14. Harakiri For the Sky-Maere
15. Converge and Chelsea Wolfe-Bloodmoon: I
16. At The Gates-The Nightmare of Being
17. The Vintage Caravan-Monuments
18. Nervosa-Perpetual Chaos
19. Baest-Necro Sapiens
20. Agrypnie-Metamorphosis

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