2022 Best of Metal: #17 Soilwork-Overgivenheten

Release date: 8/19/2022

Origin: Helsingborg, Sweden

Personnel: Bjorn “Speed” Strid-vox, David Andersson-guitar, Sylvain Coudret-guitar, Rasmus Ehrnborn-bass, Sven Karlsson-keys, Bastian Thusgaard-drums

Bittersweet release, this one. Over the past couple of albums (including this current one) it felt like Soilwork was trying to break their mold a bit. These dudes are one of the originators of the so-called Gothenburg melodic death metal sound. Over the years, you could be fairly certain about what to expect sound-wise from them. Even with multiple personnel changes, their sound was kind of set in stone. Starting with 2019’s Verkligheten and now with the current release, it felt like they were trying to branch out a bit and try out a few more things. Now, granted, it’s still Soilwork. You’re going to know it’s them when you hear it. But, the arrangements and their approach seemed to be breaking their worn formula a bit. A big factor in this new direction was guitarist David Andersson. Which makes the fact of his death less than a month after the release of this album all the more tragic. The band will be carrying on after David’s death as a five piece for now. We’ll have to wait and see how his absence from the band will impact it going forward. At any rate, this was a really nice sendoff for him because this was a damn strong album to go out on.

4.5 flip flops out of 5

The list so far:
17. Soilwork-Overgivenheten
18. Messa-Close
19. Ty Tabor-Shades
20. Lamb of God-Omens

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