2022 Best of Metal: #11 Psycroptic-Divine Council

Release date: 8/5/2022

Origin: West Hobart, Tasmania

Personnel: Jason Peppiatt-vox, Joe Haley-guitar, Todd Stern-bass, David Haley-drums

There has been a slew of bands that have sort of carried the thrash sound created in the 80s to its next logical form. The resulting mass has resulted in this hybrid highly technical mash of thrash and death metal. Psycroptic, hailing from the far reaches of Tasmania, has been on the forefront of this movement for quite some time. Led by brothers Joe and David Haley on guitar and drums respectively, they have crafted an unbelievably technical attack that still manages to craft enough melody and groove over top to keep things engaging. Divine Council might actually be their crowning masterpiece. This is a concise and straightforward statement of pure metal.

4.5 flip flops out of 5

The list so far:

11. Psycroptic-Divine Council
12. My Diligence-The Matter, Form and Power
13. Blind Guardian-The God Machine
14. Ghost-Impera
15. Jungle Rot-A Call To Arms
16. High Command-Eclipse of the Dual Moons
17. Soilwork-Overgivenheten
18. Messa-Close
19. Ty Tabor-Shades
20. Lamb of God-Omens

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