Imperium Dekadenz-Into Sorrow Evermore

I love how different subgenres in metal can be further divided down into even more particular sub-subgenres. Case in point with black metal. Sure, you’ve got your traditional Norwegian black metal that is primitive to the core and generally sounds as if it was recorded in a cavern. You’ve got your NWOBHM inspired traditional metal with black metal vibes ala Mercyful Fate and Venom. And then you’ve got what I feel is the black metal obsessed with nature and loss. This sub-subgenre is most closely associated with the Pacific Northwest U.S. I honestly find this version of black metal the most intriguing because it combines the best of the harshness and the beauty of the natural world. Imperium Dekadenz first crept on to my radar a few years ago and they perfectly capture this kind of metal. For the uninitiated, it probably seems very rough and harsh. But if you listen closer, there is such a beauty in these bleak aural landscapes. The music simply encapsulates the moments of loss and the ever present majesty of the mountains and forests of the world. This one is definitely more of an introspective put-in-on-in-a-darkened-room-by-yourself kind of album than a party pleaser.

3.5 flip flops out of 5

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