2019 Best of Metal: #20 Vintersea-Illuminated

Release Date:  9/27/2019

Origin:  Portland, OR

Personnel:  Avienne Kiuttu-vox, Riley Nix-guitar, Jorma Spaziano-guitar, Karl Whinnery-bass, Jeremy Spencer-drums

Vintersea is a relatively new band that is adding to the legacy of other metal bands from the Northwestern U.S.  Whereas many of the bands from this area tend to either fall into the grunge or environmental pagan/black metal scene, Vintersea comes at it with a very slick progressive melodic death metal attack.  Featuring the combo angelic and demonic vocal stylings of Avienne Kiuttu, this second overall release for Vintersea made a fairly immediate impact on me and I really look forward to see where this band takes things in the future.  The title track from this album was one of the more memorable songs to come out in 2019.  Just epic in scope.

4 flip flops out of 5