2019 Best of Metal: #14 Cult of Luna-A Dawn to Fear

Release date:  9/20/2019

Origin:  Umea, Sweden

Personnel:  Johannes Persson-vox/guitar, Fredrik Kihlberg-guitar/vox, Magnus Lindberg-percussion/guitar, Andreas Johansson-bass, Kristian Karlsson-vox/keyboards/samples, and Thomas Hedlund-drums

Bleak and unrelenting is what Cult of Luna has brought on their latest album.  Well, shit, you can say that about every Cult of Luna release.  But it feels like this latest album is the soundtrack for the coming apocalypse.  I think I mentioned in my review from earlier this year that the title of this album is simply perfect.  Normally, the dawn represents rebirth and renewal.  In this scenario, the dawn is to be feared.  The illumination provided by the light of day will more than likely bring horrors rather than beauty.  Sometimes it better to leave things in the dark.

4.5 flip flops out of 5

The list so far:

14.  Cult of Luna-A Dawn to Fear
15.  Bask-III
16.  Cave In-Final Transmission
17.  The Neal Morse Band-The Great Adventure
18.  Borknagar-True North
19.  Herod-Sombre Dessein
20.  Vintersea-Illuminated