2021 Best of Metal: #20 Agrypnie-Metamorphosis

Release date: 8/6/2021

Origin: Grob-Gerau, Germany

Personnel: Torstsen Hirsch-vox/guitar/keyboards, Marc Zobel-bass, Florian Musil-drums

Gonna start the list out this year with a grim one. Even though this album was my first exposure to Agrypnie, it looks like these guys (or, well, guy) have been around for quite a few years and this is album number six for them. This appears to be a one man project by and large and our man, Torsten, is our guide through this murky atmosphere. This album is sung entirely in German. So, I’m not entirely sure exactly what the storyline is, but from the photos in the album liner notes, it appears to focus on the dirty looking dude shown on the album cover. We see him paganing out in the woods in search of his true innermost form. Or at least that what appears to be going on. Eventually, he sprouts antlers in what I’m assuming is the representation of him reaching some sort of pagan nirvana. Or something like that. Hell, I don’t speak German. But, that’s the gist I’m getting. Musically, this thing has your standard black metal framework, but Torsten and the gang never let things devolve into just blastbeats, tremolo picking and bleak screams exclusively. This one takes enough twists and turns to keep the proceedings interesting and dynamic. Very much an album for fans of Behemoth. Hell, this one even contains enough power chords to act a bit of a hook for the non-black metal fan. All in all, this one is a fairly accessible black metal album.

4 flip flops out of 5