All Them Witches at Antone’s, Austin, TX 11/3/2018

It’s election day here in the States.  Hooray.  I have zero faith in my fellow Americans to do anything right.  Let’s just burn this fucker down and start again, shall we?

Anyway, I went to a rock show on Friday because nothing else in the world matters.  It was rocking.  It was grooving.  It was good.  All Them Witches hit the legendary Austin blues club Antone’s.  This was cool for a couple of reason.  First, I’m new to the All Them Witches bandwagon.  I just stumbled across them a couple of weeks ago when their new album, the unfortunately named ATW, came out.  I dug it quite a bit (there’s a review in the archives somewhere if you are so inclined) and I gathered up a group of friends to see them perform their songs live.  Second cool thing was seeing a show at Antone’s.  I’ve lived a good majority of my life in this town and you would have thought that I would have seen a show at a famous club like Antone’s before.  Well, if you did think that, you would have been wrong.  Now, it’s not like this was the original home of Antone’s.  This place has moved multiple times all over town.  Stevie Ray Vaughan never played at this location.  So, it’s not like this location has a great deal of history in it.  It is ultimately just another club in downtown Austin that caters to live music and just happens to have a famous name in the history of the Austin music scene attached to it.  I guess what I’m saying is “meh” on my overall impression of the club.  It’s a decent venue, but it just doesn’t really have anything special attached to it.  But, at any rate, I finally saw a show at a club with “Antone’s” on the marquee.  Yippee.

Anyway, enough rambling.  This show was great.  All Them Witches ditched their keyboard player somewhere between the recording of the new album and this current tour.  So, you’ve got a tight little power trio going.  I was really impressed with the guitar playing of Ben McLeod and the low-key sardonic vocals and in-between song banter of bassist/vocalist Charles Michael Park, Jr.  Not to overlook the great foundation laid down by drummer Robby Staebler.  These guys are a power live.  Go check them out if they roll through your town.