2018 Best of Metal: #2 Yob-Our Raw Heart

Release date:  June 8, 2018

Personnel:  Mike Scheidt-vocals/guitar, Aaron Rieseberg-bass, and Travis Foster-drums

Origin:  Eugene, OR

Well, we are close to wrapping this damn thing up.  Down to the final two.  These last two records could easily be 1 and 1a because I’ve probably switched them back and forth between 1 and 2 countless times now.  These are the only two albums of 2018 that I truly feel deserve the coveted 5 flip flop rating.  Both are masterpieces.  The fact that I ended up picking Yob’s latest shouldn’t diminish how amazing this album is in the slightest.  This is the first album released by Yob following Mike Scheidt’s serious health scare and the resulting album is an emotional gut punch.  It’s full of that typical Yob dichotomy of harsh and beautiful.  This is a very special album.

5 flip flops out of 5

The list so far:

2.  Yob-Our Raw Heart
3.  The Ocean-Phanerozoic I: Paleozoic
4.  The Sword-Used Future
5.  Skeletonwitch-Devouring Radiant Light
6.  The Atlas Moth-Coma Noir
7.  Rivers of Nihil-Where Owls Know My Name
8.  Sleep-The Sciences
9.  Tomb Mold-Manor of Infinite Forms
10.  Revocation-The Outer Ones
11.  All Them Witches-ATW
12.  Redemption-Long Night’s Journey Into Day
13.  Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats-Wasteland
14.  Panopticon-Scars of Man Upon the Once Nameless Wilderness
15.  Arkona-Khram
16.  Agrimonia-Awaken
17.  Between the Buried and Me-Automata I & II
18.  Clutch-Book of Bad Decisions
19.  Harakiri For the Sky-Arson
20.  Behemoth-I Loved You At Your Darkest