Darkthrone-Eternal Hails……

Man, not to go all Strunk & White on their asses, but were six ellipses really necessary? I mean, I hate to get all critical on artistic choices, but those things just kind of hang there going on and on and on……………………. Hell, maybe that’s the point. See, they’re Eternal Ellipses.

So, Fenriz and Nocturno Culto are back and they’ve seemingly regressed in regard to sound production on this one. That is the very first thing that you’ll notice on this one: It’s back to sounding like they recorded this in some deep cavernous void located in some remote frozen fjord. Just like the classic old days. I don’t know. I guess it is a stab at nostalgia, but it just doesn’t work so much. They have used better production on past albums. We know they know how to put a bit of a polish on their sound. Frankly, in the end, it just takes away from the songs in my opinion. Both guitars and drums just sound like shit. The songs are fine. They’re nothing spectacular, but I can’t help but feel that they would have benefitted a bit from moving away from the unfrozen caveman schtick.

In the end, I have to get all critical on the artistic choices going on here. It’s my job. It just feels like a case of a band sabotaging the work they put into these songs by attempting to remain “Trve” to their black metal roots.

3 flip flops out of 5