Fu Manchu, Mos Generator and Speedealer at Barracuda, Austin, TX 5/4/2018

fu manchu

Good time stoner rock.  That’s the long and the short of it for this one.  No bad vibes. No bad attitudes.  Just grabbin’ some choice waves, tunes and buds, bud.  YouknowwhatI’mtalkinabout.  I knew that you did.  This was the perfect way to blow off some steam on a Friday evening after a long work week.

These guys aren’t deep and don’t take things all that seriously, but they really bring some serious chops to the proceedings.  You go to a Fu Manchu show, expect to move around a little bit.  You won’t be able to contain yourself.  You’re going to want to boogie a little.  You’re going to want to cut a little rug.  Just give into it and enjoy the ride with these So Cal goofballs.


King of the Road