2021 Best of Metal: #14 Harakiri For the Sky-Maere

Origin: Salzburg, Austria

Release date: 2/19/2021

Personnel: J.J.-vox, M.S.-all instruments

This two man black metal project out of Austria has been a model of consistency during their tenure together. Their last album, Arson, made the list back in 2018 and now it’s follow-up, Maere, has gained that distinction as well. These guys are very good at creating melancholic atmospheric soundscapes. This is a good album for rainy (or snowy, depending on where you live) winter days when you just need something to pull you under its spell.

4 flip flops out of 5

The list so far:

14. Harakiri For the Sky-Maere
15. Converge and Chelsea Wolfe-Bloodmoon: I
16. At The Gates-The Nightmare of Being
17. The Vintage Caravan-Monuments
18. Nervosa-Perpetual Chaos
19. Baest-Necro Sapiens
20. Agrypnie-Metamorphosis