Mother of All-Age of the Solipsist

Interesting little death metal album from Denmark, this one is. (I’ve been watching The Clone Wars lately. Rubbing off on me, Yoda is). Interesting I guess primarily in that it is a rare drummer-led project. Martin Haumann, drummer for Final Hour and live drummer for Myrkur, has had this solo project for some time now and is just releasing the proper full-length debut album for the project. Haumann handles the vocals and drums on the album and recruited Steve DiGiorgio (Testament, Sadus, Death, and virtually every other metal band you can possibly think of) to play bass and an unknown kid named Frederik Jensen to play guitar. The result is a fairly progressive and thrash oriented death metal album. Pretty standard stuff with some interesting choices mixed in here and there. Overall, pretty enjoyable listen.

3.5 flip flops out of 5