Oceans of Slumber-The Banished Heart

I’ve got a soft spot for bands hailing from the City of Houston.  I’ve been lucky enough to see these guys perform live in Houston a couple of times opening up for Pain of Salvation and Khemmis.  Both shows have showcased a band full of emotion and depth.

Their latest album is a classic doom declaration of loss and heartbreak.  The music is lush and hits all of the hallmark doom elements with some unexpected soft moments throughout.  Standout on this album has to be the performance of vocalist, Cammie Gilbert.  A lot of doom bands employ a clean vocalist with a higher range.  Gilbert brings all of the necessary range plus a sultry soul to the proceedings that gives Oceans a different feel than a lot of the doom bands going today.  Her voice just has a heft and an elegance that a lot of vocalist can’t capture.

This is another of those band to keep an eye on.  Here’s to hoping this new album increases the exposure they get on this latest touring cycle.

4 flip flops out of 5