Seven Planets-Explorer

I love metal that originates from non-traditional metal strongholds.  It always feels as though bands that come from locales that don’t normally produce a ton of metal produce a fresh take on the artform.  Even though the metal scene in West Virginia hasn’t produced a ton of bands, it feels like the bands that do come out of this state are all producing very strong and very original material.

Seven Planets is the latest band that I have stumbled upon that hails from the Mountaineer state and they continue bearing the torch of quality metal coming out of this state.  These guys provide a very spacey and trippy instrumental metal tapestry.  It’s a bit stonery.  A bit psychedelic.  A bit nouveau southern rock.  Very much in line with last year’s Horseburner or Nashville’s All Them Witches, minus the vocals.  Very cool guitar licks throughout.  If you’re into that sort of thing.

4 flip flops out of 5