2022 Best of Metal: #5 Amon Amarth-The Great Heathen Army

Release date: 8/5/2022

Origin: Stockholm, Sweden

Personnel: Johan Hegg-vox, Olavi Mikkonen-guitar, Johan Soderberg-guitar, Ted Lundstrom-bass, Jocke Wallgren-drums

The Great Heathen Army felt like a bit of a return to form for our favorite metal Vikings. It felt like their past couple of releases were a bit unfocused and overly long. This album is concise and to the point. I feel like bands are well served when they focus on trimming the fat and just concentrating on around 8-9 solid tracks instead of letting things blow up to 13-15 tracks. This album is just packed with solid power metal tinged death metal. Hell, I always described Amon Amarth as being the result if Iron Maiden ever decided to put out a death metal album. I think I might have been off on my NWOBHM comparison band. Amon Amarth is more like if Saxon had turned into a death metal band. Case in point is Saxon and Vikings, where Johan and Biff from Saxon pull off the perfect metal duet with dueling wartime glory seeking metal troupes. We really need a dual headlining tour with these two bands.

4.5 flip flops out of 5

The list so far:

5. Amon Amarth-The Great Heathen Army
6. Elder-Innate Passage
7. King’s X-Three Shades of One
8. Psychonaut-Violate Consensus Reality
9. Eric Wagner-In The Lonely Light of Mourning
10. SpiritWorld-Deathwestern
11. Psycroptic-Divine Council
12. My Diligence-The Shape, Matter and Power
13. Blind Guardian-The God Machine
14. Ghost-Impera
15. Jungle Rot-A Call To Arms
16. High Command-Eclipse of the Dual Moons
17. Soilwork-Overgivenheten
18. Messa-Close
19. Ty Tabor-Shades
20. Lamb of God-Omens