2022 Best of Metal: #4 Megadeth-The Sick, The Dying…and the Dead!

Release date: 9/2/2022

Origin: Los Angeles, CA

Personnel: Dave Mustaine-vox/guitar, Kiko Louriero-guitar, Steve DiGiorgio-bass (session), Dirk Verbueren-drums

I think the lesson here is that whenever Dave puts an ellipsis in the album title that you should damn well go buy that album. Look, this one isn’t on par with Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?, So Far, So Good…So What! or even Killing is My Business…and Business Is Good!, but it is the best damn thing Dave and his current crew of thrashers have put out in a while. I have a weird relationship with Dave. On the one hand, I have always rooted for him because of the weird underdog flag he has flown since he was fired from Metallica. The inferiority complex this dude carries around has always made me feel really bad for him. Because he is simply one of metal’s finest artists in the thrash metal world. And I honestly think an argument can be made that his catalog with Megadeth is stronger than Metallica’s overall. On the other hand, Dave is fucking crazy. His forays into MAGA-land and other weird Alex Jones type conspiracy bullshit is hard to stomach. But then, he pulls out a beast like this current album. Sure, there are a couple of weak points on here, but overall, this fucking smokes. For an album this late in an artist’s career to sound this hungry, aggressive and defiant is simply something to stand up and applaud. You’ve got all of Dave’s trademark sneer and playfulness in the lyrics. I really can’t get enough of him wailing about wanting to be an astronaut on Mission To Mars (I wanna…I wanna, wanna). And kudos can not be handed out enough for the guitar work on here. Just aggressive as fuck riffs and super glorious leads. Louriero deserves lots of praise for his lead work. Honestly, this is some of the strongest lead work since Friedman left. All in all, three cheers for Dave for finding this one in him. Go be as batshit insane as you need to be, sir. As long as you keep putting out music like this, I’ll always be in your corner.

4.5 flip flops out of 5

The list so far:

4. Megadeth-The Sick, The Dying…and the Dead!
5. Amon Amarth-The Great Heathen Army
6. Elder-Innate Passage
7. King’s X-Three Sides of One
8. Psychonaut-Violate Consensus Reality
9. Eric Wagner-In The Lonely Light of Mourning
10. SpiritWorld-Deathwestern
11. Psycroptic-Divine Council
12. My Diligence-The Shape, Matter and Power
13. Blind Guardian-The God Machine
14. Ghost-Impera
15. Jungle Rot-A Call To Arms
16. High Command-Eclipse of the Dual Moons
17. Soilwork-Overgivenheten
18. Messa-Close
19. Ty Tabor-Shades
20. Lamb of God-Omens