2022 Best of Metal: #7 King’s X-Three Sides of One

Release date: 9/2/2022

Origin: Katy, TX

Personnel: Doug Pinnick-bass/vox, Ty Tabor-guitar/vox, Jerry Gaskill-drums/vox

The album I thought would never be. It really seemed like King’s X had hung it up as far as putting out new music. All three members had releases numerous solo and side project albums since the last proper King’s X album was released. From what I can tell, the biggest hurdle was overcoming their own fears of tarnishing their legacy with a sub-par album. Well, luckily, those fears did not come to fruition. Three Sides of One is a lovely addition to the catalog. Granted, it is not their best album, but it still has the same vibe and rapport the three members have always had. The one difference on this album is that there has been a bit more sharing on the lead vocals front. Leads are fairly evenly split between Doug and Ty and Jerry even gets in on the action on three of the songs. This is a special one to me. It’s probably higher on the list than it should be based purely on merit, but the mere fact of having new King’s X music simply results in quite a few bonus points.

4.5 flip flops out of 5

The list so far:

7. King’s X-Three Sides of One
8. Psychonaut-Violate Consensus Reality
9. Eric Wagner-In The Lonely Light of Mourning
10. SpiritWorld-Deathwestern
11. Psycroptic-Divine Council
12. My Diligence-The Shape, Matter and Power
13. Blind Guardian-The God Machine
14. Ghost-Impera
15. Jungle Rot-A Call To Arms
16. High Command-Eclipse of the Dual Moons
17. Soilwork-Overgivenheten
18. Messa-Close
19. Ty Tabor-Shades
20. Lamb of God-Omens