Wolfheart-Wolves of Karelia

Wolves from the wintry frozen depths of Scandinavia.  If your answer is going to be “death metal”, you would be correct on this one.

Wolfheart is one of those bands of which you can pretty much judge by its cover what is going to be on the inside.  This one is a smart release by a band that will cater to fans of fellow Finish melancholic bombasters Insomium.  In certain respects, it feels like Wolfheart combines the songwriting structure of Insomnium with the guitar sound found on some of Soilwork’s heavier moments (if that makes any sense).  It’s death metal in a non-brutalized fashion.  It’s death metal with melody, symphonic flourishes and class.  If you’re a fan of classic era heavy metal, then this is the brand of death metal that is for you.

There’s not much more to say on this one.  Nice solid record by a nice solid band.  If this genre is your bag, give it a listen.  Even if its not your bag, also give it a listen.  I think you might be impressed by what you hear.

3.5 flip flops out of 5