Alcest at Grizzly Hall, Austin, 2/12/2017

Like most people, I think I’m like a lot of folks in that I get easily distracted.  What with having the entire internet at our fingertips at all times, it sometimes becomes a serious obstacle to block out everything and just be in the here and now completely.  Concerts are a way in which I try to get back into that “Be here now!” mentality.  I have always loved concerts because they are a fleeting thing.  It’s a moment in time between the band and the audience and when it’s over, it’s gone forever.

Sometimes it is hard to get completely lost in the music at a show.  Whether it’s trying to avoid the drunken asshole moshing out of control in the pit, trying to block out assholes loudly conversing about random shit during the show or trying to force oneself to not heed the call to document this fleeting event by photos or video (totally guilty of this), it is a struggle to maintain that connection that can develop at a good show.

This connection happened in really awesome way at the Alcest show this past weekend.  Alcest is a little band from France who deals in a very melodic and ambient sort of black metal/post metal hybrid.  Kind of like if Russian Circles had vocals.  For whatever reason, the music just sucked me in from the moment they came out on stage and it just put me in this very zen-like trance.  I just let go of everything that was going on in my head and just let the music take me on a journey.  It was just a magical evening.

I broke my trance on a couple of occasions to get a little bit of video to share with you.  Both of these tracks are from their latest album, Kodama.


Oiseaux de Proie

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