Katatonia and Caspian at Grizzly Hall, Austin, TX 3/25/2017

Goddamn, this was a really great show.  I don’t know if it is just that I hadn’t listened to much Katatonia of late, but I just found myself going, “Damn, I forgot about this one.  I love this song!” over and over and over throughout the set.  Katatonia’s latest output has been good, but my favorite period was the two album cycle of Viva Emptiness and The Great Cold Distance.  I have a feeling the band feels exactly the same way because their set from Saturday night pulled heavily from those two albums.

As an added bonus, instrumental opener Caspian was extremely impressive.  They employed a three guitar attack that created a full wave of post-rock soundscapes in collaboration with a really cool light show.  I’m not really sure why these guys managed to fly under my radar, but I will be exploring their catalog of albums in short measure.

Some samples of the evening’s set.


Dead Letters

Ghost of the Sun

In the White



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